High Tide

8:30 AM on Saturday, June 23rd.  (gets later by about an hour on each following day) 

Low Tide

About 6 hours before/after high tide

Winds (in knots)

East 5-20 Saturday /  Lt NW shifting Lt. SE  Sunday / North 10-20 Monday

Underwater Visibility

6 to 20 feet

Surface Water Temp

64 degrees


Thought of the day...

Stuff is supposed to fall from trees in the fall: makes sense. What’s going on now? First, the “helicopters” come down. Then green dust makes me feel like Kermit the Frog has taken control of the planet. Now, I think an eighteen wheeler dumped a load of Rice Krispies on the driveway. Maybe gummy bears will be next...
— Jeff@NAS


If the Dive Score is:

1: Stay home
2: Stay home and think about diving
3: Plan a dive
4: Beats mowing the lawn, might be a great dive
5: Dive if you can
6: Highly consider spending today underwater
7: Go Diving
8: Let the lawn burn; go diving
9: Procrastinate all else and go underwater
10: You need to call the boss and tell him/her you can't come to work because you're suffering from AGS (Anal Glaucoma Syndrome). I just can not see my butt going to work today: I have got to go diving! NAS is a proud sponsor of the Anal Glaucoma Foundation.


Pic of the Day:

 Clouds and clear water on Saturday morning.

Clouds and clear water on Saturday morning.