High Tide

11:13 on Monday, July 15th. (The tide gets later by about an hour on each following day) 

Low Tide

About 6 hours before/after high tide

NW 10-15 Monday / West 5 Tuesday / SW 5-10 Wednesday / South 5 (fog) Thursday

Underwater Visibility

12 to 38 feet.

Surface Water Temp

66 degrees


Thought of the day...

Hmm, summer transportation... You see lots of folks, seemingly having a great time on two wheels. Some are huge and expensive, powered by 671 Detroit diesels. Some are some are small and inexpensive, powered by engines smaller than my weed whacker. They all look like fun. Then I think about having a “bug snack” (being force-fed insects while on a slow-moving bicycle). Not fun. I think about having a June bug bouncing off my forehead (and leaving a bruise) while riding in a boat (going fairly slow). How about loosing the skin on your knees while playing basketball on black-top, running only about 10 mph. Maybe, I’ll just stick to four wheels...
— Jeff@NAS


If the Dive Score is:

1: Stay home
2: Stay home and think about diving
3: Plan a dive
4: Beats mowing the lawn, might be a great dive
5: Dive if you can
6: Highly consider spending today underwater
7: Go Diving
8: Let the lawn burn/Let the snow fall; go diving
9: Procrastinate all else and go underwater
10: You need to call the boss and tell him/her you can't come to work because you're suffering from AGS (Anal Glaucoma Syndrome). I just can not see my butt going to work today: I have got to go diving! NAS is a proud sponsor of the Anal Glaucoma Foundation.


Pic of the Day:

Nice conditions on Monday!

Nice conditions on Monday!