Late September Open Water Course Just Scheduled!

You won't want to miss our next Open Water SCUBA Course that we have scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 29, 2019 and will continue on Sundays, October 6 and 13, 2019! Your local open water dives that will complete your certification are scheduled for the weekend of October 19 and 20 ! If you are traveling, we do offer a Referral that would allow you to complete these dives while on vacation! Give us a call or stop in and let’s get you started….

We offer Open Water SCUBA Course Gift Certificates that can be used towards any Course that we offer monthly starting in January and continue into October. Give us a call or stop in for the details!

2019 Group Club Dive News!

This is the year to join the NAS Group Dive Club! Meet new divers and get out there and dive MORE! We schedule dives year round (or when Mother Nature says we can!) and all of the dives are led by our fantastically experienced staff!

 **Join the NAS Group Dive Club Today for $48.00 (our renew for $38.00) and then it's only $9.00 a dive!! Don't miss out on a great way to go diving more and meet some great people!!

NEXT DIVE: LAST Wednesday, August 28 @ 5pm @ NAS (Weekend dives to come!)

*Group Dive Club Membership and Pre-Registration for ALL dives is necessary to participate in scheduled dives.  Space is limited! Stop in today and let's get you diving!