Easter Weekend Group Dive Just Scheduled...

2018 Group Club Dives Have Begun.....You won't want to miss this next one:

*Saturday, March 31: More details soon!!

**Join the Group Dive Club Today! To join, it's $45.00 for the year or to renew, it's just $35.00. And then it's just $9.00 a dive!! Don't miss out on a great way to go diving and meet some great people!!

 *Group Dive Club Membership and Preregistration is necessary to participate in scheduled dives.  Space is limited! Stop in today and let's get you diving!

Spring Into An Open Water Course!

Is 2018 the year that you Take The Plunge? Springtime is the very Best Time to just do it....Our next entry level Open Water SCUBA Course is scheduled to begin on Sunday, April 22 from 4pm-7pm. The course will continue on Sundays, April 29 and May 6 from 4pm-10pm. We also offer SCUBA Course Gift Certificates that can be applied towards any future classes that we offer throughout the year! Give us a call today and let's make it happen in 2018!! 

Consumer Safety Notice

Aqua Lung has issued a “Consumer Safety Notice” for certain regulators with ACD (Automatic Closure Device).

1) If NAS has serviced your regulator, you are good to go diving.

2) If you have a newer Aqua Lung regulator with ACD that NAS has not yet serviced, you need to bring in your system for adjustment.

Give us a call or stop by if you have any questions.

Find more on this at the Aqua Lung Website:   


Suunto Transmitter Recall

Suunto is recalling ALL Transmitters (including pods for Eon Steel) Do Not Dive with transmitter until it is repaired

The simplest way is to go online and ship directly to Suunto in Ogden, Utah.  They pay for Second Day Air UPS freight to and from.  They estimate total turnaround at two weeks.  


  1. Go to repair.suunto.com
  2. Click on Service Request
  3. Select Suunto Transmitter in Product Information
  4. Enter the serial # (tiny number is usually on the metal hex)
  5. Check off Warranty
  6. Select “In Warranty” (No receipt upload necessary)
  7. Under “Describe the Issues select”: Transmitter Tank Pod Recall
  8. Under “Describe a bit more” select: Send for Service
  9. Save
  10. Hit Next
  11. Fill out all your information and when you hit Print Label it will not print, but will send you an email
  12. Download Label, print and send transmitter to Suunto    

New Website!

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